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Custom Commercial Realty Search\Commercial Properties:
Grand Rapids, Michigan

(Oakland County)
Zip Codes: 49501, 49502, 49503, 49504, 49505, 49506, 49507, 49508, 49509, 49510 ,
49510, 49512, 49514, 49515, 49516, 49518, 49519, 49523, 49525, 49528, 49530,
49534, 49544, 49546, 49548, 49550

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Your Commercial Real Estate Search is over!  The following is a small sample list of Commercial Lease Properties, Office Properties, Medical Office Space for Lease, Industrial / Warehouse / Manufacturing Facilities and Commercial Real Estate for Sale available in the Grand Rapids area. What you can't find here, we can locate for you! All rates are subject to change. Please note, we are not the listing broker for these properties and only show these as a representative example of space available in the area. Let us show you the space and negotiate the best deal for you!
Location Rate Per S.F. Property Type Photo
4440 44th Street S.E. $3.10 w/ free rent incentive Industrial Distribution Warehouse Grand Rapids Industrial Distribution Warehouse for Commercial Lease
Elston Richards
3701-3741 SE Patterson Ave.
$3.03 w/ free rent incentive Industrial Distribution Warehouse Grand Rapids Michigan Industrial Distribution Warehouse for Lease
Oak Industrial Park
2160 Oak Industrial Drive
$4.00 w/ free rent incentive Industrial Warehouse Industrial Warehouse in Grand Rapids Michigan for Lease
1642 NW Broadway Ave. $4.00 w/ free rent incentive Industrial Manufacturing Industrial Manufacturing Property in Grand Rapids Michigan
3232 SE Kraft Ave. $3.30 w/ free rent incentive Industrial Distribution Warehouse Industrial Distribution Warehouse in Grand Rapids Michigan
Calder Plaza
250 Monroe Ave NW # 50
$17.75 w/ free rent incentive Office Property Commercial Office for Lease in Grand Rapids Michigan
Cascade Professional Building
4500 Cascade Rd SE
$14.50 nnn w/ free rent incentive Office/Medical Property Medical Office available for rent in Grand Rapids Michigan
Evergreen North Lake
Evergreen Drive
$14.50 w/ free rent incentive Office Property Grand Rapids Michigan Commercial Office Property for Lease
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*Most rates are net of suite electric (approx. $1.25/sf/year) unless marked NNN. Triple net charges will include real estate taxes, common area maintenance and insurance. Although efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, we make no guarantee, representation or warranty regarding its quality or accuracy and data is subject to change without notice.

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