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You know the time is right to renegotiate your current commercial property lease. But where do you begin? It seems like the landlord is holding all the cards. The fact is, though, that no landlord wants to loose a tenant, so you may have more bargaining power than you realize.

Plus, if you have been paying your rent on time and abiding by the terms of your lease, you have created value for your landlord. Tenants like you are hard to find, yet you are still paying 20% more than any new tenant your landlord might get to fill your space if you left – and who knows if they’ll pay as regularly as you do.

Luckily the team at Levi F. Smith has decades of experience in renegotiating leases on behalf of our clients. How exactly can we help you in your particular situation? Here’s how:


In today’s market where 15-25% vacancies aren't uncommon in office buildings,
tenants should be reviewing their existing leases for opportunities to save money.

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