5 Effective Ways to Find Commercial Tenants

Handing Keys to Commercial Tenant

Renting out a commercial property is one of the best ways to make passive income in real estate. However, finding tenants for commercial property can be challenging. And, if your building or space goes vacant for too long, it can start eating into your profits. So, how do you find tenants for your commercial property?…

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Property Research Company: What You Need to Know

Property Research Company

Prospective investors can choose a property that is useful right away and has the potential to make money for them in the future with the aid of thorough real estate market research. Logically, people conduct their due diligence before spending any money on a real estate acquisition. This is particularly the case in a year…

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What Is the Purpose of Leasing Property?

Some businesses lease commercial spaces for their offices. Meanwhile, others are expanding their operations, requiring warehouse buildings up for lease to store inventory and materials. But what is the REAL purpose of leasing a property? Option to Occupy Spaces That You Can’t Afford to Buy Otherwise Leasing a property will allow you to get a…

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The Difference Between Lease and Tenancy: What You Need to Know

A Lessee's Key

Whether you’re searching for an office for your new business or planning to move to a bigger space for your growing company, you’ll most likely have a list of tasks to tackle. Finding tenant representation experts who can help you with your search by browsing through websites listing commercial properties and looking for commercial movers…

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Understanding the Different Types of Tenancies: Four Different Types of Tenancies to Learn About

Tenants in Action

Securing tenancy, whether for a commercial or residential property, involves a long and sometimes complicated process, especially if you know little to nothing about it. Although you can work with a property research company or have tenant representation to make things easy, it’s still vital to learn about these four different types of tenancies to…

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