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Most brokers aren't lawyers... and don't know the the legal terms of a lease.
Most lawyers aren't brokers... and don't know market valuation.
With Levi F. Smith - you get BOTH!


Best Industry Contacts

After being in the market for so long, Levi has the best contacts. We know the best rezoning attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers, architects, space planners and environmentalists to call.

Expert Detroit Broker

It's not exceptionally difficult to deal with the suburbs, but Detroit can be a pain to deal with due to its massive size. That's not an issue with Levi. With his decades of experience in Detroit, he can be your experienced guide to maneuvering Detroit's complicated processes.

  • How to buy from the Detroit Land Bank
  • How to get development incentives from the city
  • How to rezone a property
  • How to vacate development agreements on land

Broker / Commercial Real Estate Services

With thousands of Michigan commercial real estate properties available for immediate occupancy, combined with our decades of experience, we'll find and negotiate for you the lowest rate with FREE RENT or the bottom line purchase price. Choose from:

  • Office properties
  • Medical buildings
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Assisted living / nursing
    home facilities
  • Flex/high tech buildings
  • Storage facilities
  • High rises
  • Vacant land
  • Turnkey manufacturing sites

What else can a Levi do for you? Not only can we help you FIND a commercial property in Michigan, we'll help you negotiate:

  • the purchase price or lease amount, including FREE RENT
  • early lease termination terms
  • rezoning issues with the local government
  • the lowest annual increase on your base rent
  • reducing pass-throughs of operating expenses and property tax increases
  • the best construction package for customizing your office or industrial space
  • government incentives and entitlements such as property tax abatement, Free Trade Zone (FTZ), etc.

As an experienced real estate broker and tenant representative with over 30 years experience in residential and commercial real estate, we know how to take advantage of the soft market that we're currently experiencing.

Why look into Michigan? Surrounded by fresh water, Michigan has some of the lowest priced utilities available. There are sites near the Lansing Cadillac plant, the Detroit, Hamtramck Assembly facility, Chrysler's Jefferson North plant, the Ford Rouge factory and the Canadian border of Windsor, Ontario for your J.I.T. (Just-In-Time) requirements.

Contract Negotiations. After finding the ideal property, we negotiate on your behalf to get the best contract terms possible. Perhaps you'd like to have exterior signage on the building at no cost. Interested in putting a cap on future property tax increases? We can help.

And since we only represent you, you can avoid the usual landlord-broker conflict of interest. Best yet, the landlord / seller pays all our fees, leaving you with the affordability for an even better location.

Contact Us. We are here to assist you right now. Whether considering relocation, renewal, expansion or downsizing, give us a call. We specialize in tenant representation and assisting you in every facet of your commercial real estate needs.

Michigan Commercial Properties

Ann Arbor
Auburn Hills
Bingham Farms
Farmington Hills
Rochester Hills
Royal Oak


Market Stats

We only represent you! Whether you are a tenant or a buyer, you are our concern! Our only interest is finding your piece of commercial real estate. To do that, we use our commercial buyers broker resources to thoroughly research all listings. Here is a sample:

Office Market Stats
Industrial Market Stats

Also worth noting, we do not take listings from landlords or sellers; we present to you only what makes sense for your situation.


Let us search for you

Receive a complimentary report of listings currently on the market which fit your needs.

Included in the report are square footage and price ranges. Go ahead, tell us what you want... there's no charge!

Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Analysis

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