Michigan Commercial Real Estate Process

Interested in knowing the process when seeking a commercial property here in Michigan?

Here's what you can expect from PA Commercial, LLC.

Real Estate Process

1. We listen intently to your business needs and desires then introduce you to all the possible commercial properties in Michigan that meet your criteria.

2. We tour each qualified Michigan property with you. Since we never represent landlords, we won’t steer you to one property over another.

3. Want a little extra from the landlord? Here are a few of the special details we’ve negotiated for our clients:

  • Additional space
  • Space planning to accommodate a growing staff
  • Add truck wells to building
  • Replace the roof
  • Escorting guard service to walk employees to their cars and shuttle buses after-hours
  • Add landscape to improve office views
  • Remodel the lobby
  • Repave the parking lot
  • Change door orientation for Feng Shui

4. With all the money you’re going to save on your new location, you may finally be able to afford those special projects you’re been postponing. We can also act as project managers to connect you with our network of work place strategists, furniture vendors and designers.

5. Have you heard about new government incentives? In addition to all of the above, we negotiate with government agencies to claim incentives where applicable.

6. We don’t stop there. When economic conditions change, we can renegotiate with the landlord to take advantage of new opportunities. If you outgrow your space, we’ll happily do it again and get you into the ideal commercial property in Michigan.

Remember, all of this is available to you AT NO COST since our fees are paid by the landlord. With absolutely nothing to lose, why not get all your paperwork together and give us a call.