Commercial Building

Determining the Most Profitable Types of Commercial Properties

By PA Commercial | February 6, 2023

When people decide to invest in commercial real estate, they often start their search by finding commercial buildings for sale that fit their budget and are in excellent condition. But, while it’s true that your investment should be affordable and have good structural integrity, these aren’t the only factors you should consider. You must also…

Two-party Negotiation

Learning the Art of the 4 C’s of Negotiations

By PA Commercial | January 30, 2023

A negotiation can be, without a doubt, one of the most challenging steps in every real estate sales process. Even a real estate negotiation expert will tell you that this skill needs many years of experience before you can master it. But being a good negotiator is also a critical step towards closing deals with…

Closing a Commercial Real Estate Deal

You Need These Five Tips to Negotiate a Commercial Real Estate Deal

By PA Commercial | January 27, 2023

As a business owner, finding a suitable office space for lease is at the top of your priorities. But that’s only the easy part of the entire real estate process. Once you find the right property for you, there’s no guarantee it will be yours until you negotiate and close a successful commercial real estate…

Interior of a commercial space for rent

What Type of Commercial Building Should You Look For?

By PA Commercial | January 20, 2023

When deciding to invest in commercial buildings for sale in Michigan, many people focus on finding properties within a certain price range that will easily fit into their budget. Others focus more on the location and search for units that will bring them closer to their target audience and make their business more accessible. Still,…

Tenant Rep in Action

Things You Need to Know About Tenant Representation: How It Makes Finding Commercial Spaces Much Easier

By PA Commercial | January 16, 2023

Finding tenants for commercial property can take time and effort. But do you know finding good commercial spaces for rent or lease is more challenging? As a business owner, you should already have experienced this predicament where you have spent time and money looking for the perfect space for your business. After much research, you…

Commercial Contract between two parties

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Agreements to Get the Best Possible Results

By PA Commercial | January 11, 2023

There’s a laundry list of things businesses should do when buying or leasing a commercial property. These include finding properties in the ideal location, checking if the building is large enough to meet their needs, and looking for units that are cost-effective and suitable for their budget. However, even if you’ve found a property that…

Modern Office Space for Lease

Understanding the Ups and Downs of The Metro Detroit Office Market in 2022

By PA Commercial | January 6, 2023

By: DeVon Jackson & Levi Smith | P.A. Commercial December 20, 2022 Click here to view original article The Metro Detroit Office Market in 2022: Understanding the Ups and Downs  Despite the pandemic, the real estate market has continued to thrive because of a continuous influx of investments from homebuyers and tenants across the country.…

Making the right choices in real estate

The Real Estate Process: A Guide for Businesses

By PA Commercial | December 30, 2022

Commercial buyers often feel intimidated by the entire real estate process. After all, it’s not easy to go through properties and make a decision worth thousands—or even millions—of dollars. One mistake and you could potentially lose a considerable investment and drag your entire business with you. With the many commercial buildings for sale in Michigan,…

Handing Keys to Commercial Tenant

5 Effective Ways to Find Commercial Tenants

By PA Commercial | December 23, 2022

Renting out a commercial property is one of the best ways to make passive income in real estate. However, finding tenants for commercial property can be challenging. And, if your building or space goes vacant for too long, it can start eating into your profits. So, how do you find tenants for your commercial property?…

Property Research Company

Property Research Company: What You Need to Know

By PA Commercial | December 14, 2022

Prospective investors can choose a property that is useful right away and has the potential to make money for them in the future with the aid of thorough real estate market research. Logically, people conduct their due diligence before spending any money on a real estate acquisition. This is particularly the case in a year…

Business People Engaged on a Lease Negotiation

Should You Rent or Buy Your Business Facility? Here’s What You Need to Know

By PA Commercial | December 7, 2022

Finding a suitable facility is one of the pillars of starting a business and making it successful and long-lasting. However, before you start looking for the ideal location and property, you first have to decide whether you’ll purchase an office for sale or lease a space for several years. Both options have their own pros…

Detroit Office Space

Renting an Office Space in Detroit: A Guide for Businesses

By PA Commercial | December 2, 2022

As the business industry slowly gets back on track after the pandemic, there’s a surge in demand for an office space for lease in Detroit for both new and existing businesses in the area. Now, if you’re one of those looking for a new office for your business, the cost will likely be one of…

What Is the Purpose of Leasing Property?

By PA Commercial | November 28, 2022

Some businesses lease commercial spaces for their offices. Meanwhile, others are expanding their operations, requiring warehouse buildings up for lease to store inventory and materials. But what is the REAL purpose of leasing a property? Option to Occupy Spaces That You Can’t Afford to Buy Otherwise Leasing a property will allow you to get a…

A Lessee's Key

The Difference Between Lease and Tenancy: What You Need to Know

By PA Commercial | November 16, 2022

Whether you’re searching for an office for your new business or planning to move to a bigger space for your growing company, you’ll most likely have a list of tasks to tackle. Finding tenant representation experts who can help you with your search by browsing through websites listing commercial properties and looking for commercial movers…

Tenants in Action

Understanding the Different Types of Tenancies: Four Different Types of Tenancies to Learn About

By PA Commercial | November 11, 2022

Securing tenancy, whether for a commercial or residential property, involves a long and sometimes complicated process, especially if you know little to nothing about it. Although you can work with a property research company or have tenant representation to make things easy, it’s still vital to learn about these four different types of tenancies to…

A tenant representative

Tenant Representation: Why It’s a Must if You’re Securing Commercial Property

By PA Commercial | November 2, 2022

Navigating through the complexities of securing an office space for lease in Detroit can be mind-boggling for anyone without experience in the job. Aside from having to comb through a plethora of options to find the right property for your business, you also need to go through negotiations, offers, paperwork and contracts before you can…

Getting Commercial Tenant Representation: What Are the Benefits?

By Levi Smith | October 28, 2022

Whether you’re running a small startup or managing a large company, you probably already know that finding the right workspace to lease can be a considerable challenge. After all, numerous important factors must be considered, such as the property’s location, the size of the commercial space you need, and the amount of rent you’ll have…

The Commercial Tenant Representation Process: What You Need to Know

By Levi Smith | October 17, 2022

Hiring a commercial tenant rep for the first time? Check out PA Commercial, LLC, Inc’s comprehensive blog to know what you should expect during the tenant representation process.

The right tenant representative

Four Things That Make a Great Tenant Representative

By Levi Smith | October 10, 2022

A tenant representative can help you find the right office for your business. But to make sure that you choose the right one for you, here are some things you need to look for.

How Much Space Do You Really Need for Your Office?

By Levi Smith | October 3, 2022

Space is such an important factor when choosing the right office for your business. But if you don’t know the exact square footage needed or you’re not sure where to start, check out PA Commercial, LLC, Inc’s blog to find out.

Use These Tips When Buying or Renting a Commercial Space

By PA Commercial | September 28, 2022

Having the right commercial space is one of the keys to achieving long-term business success. However, suppose you ask commercial buyers and tenants. In that case, they’ll tell you that finding the ideal property to rent or purchase isn’t a walk in the park since you must consider many factors. The good news is that…

Hiring a Commercial Tenant Rep: What You Need to Know

By PA Commercial | September 3, 2022

Perhaps you’re starting a new company and are looking for a space to rent. Or maybe you already have an office, but you need to upgrade to a larger one that can accommodate your growing business. Either way, you should consider hiring a commercial tenant rep before you take any other step. Getting tenant representation…

The Five Smart Tricks You Need to Find the Right Office Space

By PA Commercial | September 3, 2022

A physical location is the first step to getting recognized as a business. But it’s also no secret that finding the right office space for lease in Detroit can be exciting and stressful at the same time. To get you started on the right track, here are five smart tricks that you can follow: Determine…

COVID-19: How It’s Changing the Landscape of Commercial Office Spaces

By PA Commercial | August 29, 2022

We blinked and it has been more than two years since the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged its way around the world, changing the way we live our lives forever, especially how and where we work. While a lot of people have discovered that it is possible to work remotely, the pandemic also revealed its limitations and…