Going Beyond the Ordinary for Clients

Tenant rep brokers only have one party’s interest in mind – Yours! Since tenant reps work for you and not a landlord, they are able to aggressively respect your interests during the negotiating process. These are just a few examples of what Levi Smith has done for his clients.

Levi was able to negotiate/obtain the following:
• Added 2 story elevator on parking deck that led into building
• Designated exclusive adjacent parking lot to HAP that had been handicap only
• Below market rate and above market TI package
• Colored logo on building
• Relocated exterior smoking areas/zones
• Redesigned lobby
• Exclusivity of use in building
• Created club memberships for dining and health
• Paved over grass for more parking
• Eliminated rule to close blinds on sunny days
• Convinced landlord to host a dinner party/presentation within the building for twelve key decision-makers MORGAN STANLEY
• Landlord bought out lease of competitor to move tenant in and put their name on building
• Recruited top producer from competitor for client VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION
Convinced landlord to:
• Repave parking lot
• Pay to add tenant’s name on building exterior
• Add (and pay for) free conference room with upgraded build-out due to noisy chiller on roof above CIENA HEALTHCARE
• Purchased a former Detroit public school in Brush Park – Detroit’s hottest redevelopment area
• Smith assembled the development team
• Team changed zoning to double apartment density – increasing the allowable building height and to obtain Government incentives
• Smith acquired eight (8) parcels across the state for further development US CUSTOMS SPECTRUM GROUP
• Located a building and had street address changed by United States Postal Service and City of Detroit in order to facilitate access by trucks for international border inspection