Four Things That Make a Great Tenant Representative

The right tenant representative

Finding a suitable office space for lease in Detroit and processing a transaction can be overwhelming, especially if you’re building your business. But you can save yourself from that stress by opting for a tenant representative. A professional who can help you narrow down your choices for a Detroit office space for lease and guide you through securing a deal for your future office.

But to make sure that you’re working with the right tenant representative, here are four essential factors that you need to consider:

  • Good communication skills. It doesn’t matter if you have the best options in the market. If your tenant representative doesn’t know how to communicate with property owners, a deal could get away from you quickly. Good communication is a must when dealing with activities such as viewings, proposals, and negotiations. It can make a massive difference to your transactions.

  • Good market knowledge. Finding the right office space for lease in Detroit is trickier than you think. You’ll need to see the best options for your needs, consider different factors like location and parking, and consider your budget before making that crucial decision. A good tenant representative should have a good knowledge of the market to give you the best options for your price point and help you build a good relationship with your landlord.

  • Good network. Some tenant representatives work on their own. However, it’s recommended that they have a strong network of professionals and partners who help them get the best deals for their clients and make securing a lease or sale easier than if they do it alone. There could also be the case of having a one-person representative with a lot of connections outside their business which could also be very helpful. If you feel like they’re not providing the promised information within a certain time or you’re not getting the attention you need, you should move on to the next one because you’re either going to encounter a lot of delays or deprive yourself of the chance to get the best deal possible.

  • Commitment to clients. Before you say yes to a tenant representative, you should research to ensure they have no existing landlord clients. Tenant representatives should do their job title, which is to represent tenants. Those who also have landlord clients tend to have biases about the properties they can show you since they have to prioritize properties being leased by their landlord clients. So, if you don’t want to be limited with your options, it’s best to find a tenant representative who you’re sure is committed to your best interests.

A tenant representative will play a significant role in your success in finding the best office space for lease in Detroit or the ideal commercial buildings for sale in Michigan. So, it’s only fitting to take your time looking for different tenant representatives, narrowing them down, and choosing the best one to fit your needs. After all, your office will represent your business, so you have to ensure everything is done right. To learn more about the importance of choosing the right tenant representative reach out to Levi Smith at PA Commercial. We’ll help you find your ideal office so don’t hesitate to contact us! Remember that even though we represent you, it comes at no cost to you!

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