Hiring a Commercial Tenant Rep: What You Need to Know

Perhaps you’re starting a new company and are looking for a space to rent. Or maybe you already have an office, but you need to upgrade to a larger one that can accommodate your growing business. Either way, you should consider hiring a commercial tenant rep before you take any other step. Getting tenant representation provides many benefits regardless of how big or small your organization is, and it can help you achieve your business’s long-term goals.

The Benefits of Working with a Commercial Tenant Rep

Companies that provide commercial tenant representation services are similar to traditional real estate experts in that they help their clients find the ideal property that suits their needs. However, what sets them apart is that they work exclusively for tenants.

By working with tenant representation experts, you’re assured that they have your best interests at heart and that there won’t be any conflict of interest when they liaise with landlords and tackle negotiations on your behalf. This, in turn, can help you save more time and money and access commercial spaces that perfectly fit your business’s real estate needs.

What a Commercial Tenant Rep Can Do for You

One of the biggest things that tenant representation specialists can do for you is to analyze your real estate needs. For instance, if you’re thinking of upgrading to a bigger office but aren’t sure if it’s the right step to take, your commercial tenant rep can evaluate your location and help you decide whether moving is a good step to take or not. Their evaluation and professional input can help you avoid making costly mistakes that are complicated to fix. Additionally, they will provide you with a space planner who will design your office to contemporary standards.

If you’ve decided to relocate, your tenant representative can help you find properties that meet your criteria and fit your budget. The good thing about that is many representatives have resources that tenants usually don’t, such as include industry relationships and access to property databases of on and off-market options. As a result, they can cast a wider net and provide you with a list of commercial properties that you might not have access to if you were doing the search on your own.

Once you’ve narrowed your options to a few properties, your tenant representation expert will help you negotiate the rent and reach an amount that you and your future landlord will be happy with. Your tenant rep will also walk you through the contract, explain the elements that you might not be familiar with, and help you ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

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Working with tenant representation specialists is one of the best things you can do to find the ideal commercial property for your business. If you’re ready to upsize or downsize your office, reach out to Levi Smith at PA Commercial, LLC, Inc. today! With more than 30 years of experience as a tenant rep and attorney, we have the skills and expertise to help you find the right commercial real estate and make the most of your investment. Give us a call today and find out how our experts can assist you!

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